Water Jetting


Sewer Scope Services provides state-of-the-art Water Jetting  (also known as drain jetting, hydro jetting or sewer jetting).

Water jetting cleans foreign debris and obstructions from your main drain pipe in an effective and safe way.  Traditional mechanical snaking puts tremendous stress on the interior of the pipe which can cause internal damage. Water jetting provides a powerful, yet free flowing cleaning of the pipe which is far less damaging to the pipe and much cleaner for the interior of your house or business. This is the ideal solution for unblocking and cleaning your drain pipes.

 With all Water Jetting services, we perform a free drain scope inspection to insure that the obstruction has been resolved.

Sewer Scope Services has the training and skills necessary to diagnose, assess and treat drain pipe problems. Call us today and one of our trained technicians can help you determine if your pipes are in need of an inspection or cleaning.

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